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Bachelor of Computer and Information Science

(Course Delivery Method : In Class)

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B-Bus IM-1

(Course Delivery Method : In Class)

Bachelor of Business EBITI Student pages

Web for Business MWW4B Student pages

LAN Design

for wired and wireless networks.

Network Design Tool

Institute of Radio Astronomy and Space Research

SKANZ Conference, Feb 2010.

IRASR SKANZ Conference Papers


Software Engineering Practice Improvement Alliance old pages.


Software Engineering Practice Improvement Alliance

MCIS Collaborative Computing

MCIS Collaborative Computing paper Journal

ACM Programming Contests

Contest Information

  • regional contacts, regional entry forms
  • previous contest results

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Extra resources for text books:
source code, data, errata, etc.

Introductory Time Series with R

On-Line Resources
Introduction to the Internet

Introduction to Design and Creation of Web Sites.

Internet Alive



Comprehensive TeX Archive Network

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